.NET MAUI Workshop 2023

Jeff is hosting a full-day workshop online that you can participate in.  On March 10 at 9am ET, join him as he teaches you how to build your first mobile application with .NET MAUI.As part of this workshop, we’re going to cover the following topics:

  • Layout and Navigation design with the .NET MAUI Shell
  • Fetching data and interacting with web services
  • Working with data locally and persisting in a MAUI application with SQLite
  • Displaying content with the built in browser component WebView2
  • Managing themes and styles, including making a dark theme

Sponsored by:


FREE .NET MAUI UI Component Library by DevExpress. Includes a Data Grid, Chart, Scheduler, and more (for both Android and iOS).

Growth Acceleration Partners

IronSoftwareIron Software develop enterprise backend component libraries for .NET. They are focusing R&D on key, cross platform backend components for MAUI.

Progress - Telerik

SyncFusionSyncfusion delivers powerful MAUI data grids, charts, document processing libraries, and more for a complete developer toolkit.

You can find the source code and resources at: https://github.com/csharpfritz/MauiWorkshop