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I have been interviewed on several notable websites and podcasts.  Here you can find links to all of my appearances.

April 2015 – Hallway Conversations #46 – The fellas from Hallway Conversations put me to the test asking all of the in-depth questions you like to hear from the experts about ASP.NET vNext.  I run the gauntlet and have a good time chatting with Phil, Steve, and Lee.

April 2015 – Windows Developer Show #178 – I sat down with hots Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk in-person on Microsoft’s campus to discuss NuGet, bower, package management in ASP.NET vNext and just couldn’t shake Ryan off of discussing Philly cheesesteaks.  I definitely need to take these guys for a ride to Tony Lukes if they come to town…

January 2015 – Technology & Friends 351 – David Giard and I talk about the coming release of ASP.NET 5.  We spend some time talking about what’s happening with NuGet and MVC 6.

November 2014 – Visual Studio Magazine – Coverage of my keynote from VSLive Orlando, the author recaps the details of my explanation for an Azure outage and how to get Azure to play nice with websites, APIs, and Minecraft.

July 2014 – Dot Net Rocks #1014 – Carl and Richard chat with Jeff Fritz about ASP.NET vNext – and yes, ASP.NET is now open source! So what does that really mean for ASP.NET developers? Jeff digs into the impact of taking open source on the development process of ASP.NET and how we can all get more involved! This leads to a discussion about the expanding reach of .NET into other platforms such as Linux using OWIN and Katana, and the Microsoft stack being a friendly place for developers of all kinds to hang out. Azure is also a big part of the future web story, and Jeff digs into the cloud-optimized stack and how you can get your web app there.

December 2013 – Yet Another Podcast #116 – Jon Galloway and I interview Jesse Liberty, as we turn the tables on the host of the show to get his perspective on what is neat and interesting.  In the end we all agree, that all of these kids need to GET OFF OUR LAWN!

December 2013 – The Tablet Show #113 – Carl and Richard spend an hour talking to yours truly about how ASP.NET web forms can be used to build mobile websites.  We delve into the current state of the hardware and technology trends.  In the end, Richard has a great recommendation for a Christmas present for my mother.  Shhh… don’t tell her!

September 2013 – Yet Another Podcast #109 – Jesse Liberty and I interview Jon Galloway about the future of ASP.NET.

September 2013 – Yet Another Podcast #106 – Jesse Liberty and I have a discussion of One ASP.Net.  This discussion became the basis for our forthcoming Pluralsight course One ASP.NET From Scratch.

May 2013 – Yet Another Podcast #98 – Jesse Liberty and Jon Galloway talk with me about One ASP.NET and HTML5.  I have some fun with the introduction, and we get to the heart of the One ASP.NET concept.

May 2013 – Technology & Friends #266 – David Giard talk compare and contrast ASP.NET webforms and MVC.

March 2013 – Dot Net Rocks Show #855 – Carl and Richard talk to Jeff Fritz about how ASP.NET has evolved over the years. Jeff talks about the continued dominance of Web Forms in relation to MVC and how the different libraries can be used together. In fact, there’s ONE ASP.NET, and everything – Web Forms, MVC, Web API, SignalR – all work together. It’s a web stack of love!

August 2012 – The Code Project Coder Interview – An interview about how I got started in technology and some of my thoughts on development practices

July 2012 – Technology and Friends – In this episode I spoke with host David Giard about the start of the QUnit-Metro project.


May 2013 – MSDN Magazine: Leverage Multiple Code Frameworks with One ASP.NET – In this article I demonstrate how to build a small web application that uses all four of the current ASP.Net frameworks: Web Forms, MVC, WebAPI, and SignalR.

April 2013 – Securing a Web Application with a Bluetooth Headset Adapter – In this article published on CodeProject, you will learn how to use a Bluetooth headset to create a lightweight two-factor authentication mechanism

February 2013 – Plantronics Legend UC Headset – A Call Center Example – In this article published on CodeProject, I show you how to use the advanced sensors in a Bluetooth headset to effect a time clock  service.


May 2015 – Microsoft Ignite:

May 2014 – TechEd North America: Cool and Elegant ASP.NET Web Forms with HTML5 for the Modern Web

March 2014 – Telerik Platform: Build Cross Platform Mobile Apps with Visual Studio

June 2013 – TechEd North America: Speaker Idol Finals – How to Mobile Enable your Enterprise Line of Business Web Application

June 2012 – TechEd North America: Speaker Idol Preliminary, Speaker Idol Finals — Introducing QUnit-Metro, a unit test framework for WinJS