Sorry for the delay

An initial apology is in order. I’ve tried in the past to make blogging a part of my daily / weekly habits, and several life-changing events have happened to me that have delayed that process.

A month ago, I went through some significant pain and several rounds of tests with a handful of doctors. All of this resulted in the diagnosis of Celiac Disease. In hindsight, I believe I have been exhibiting Celiac’s-like symptoms for as many as 7 years. I am now a gluten-free individual.

While I initially mourned the loss of TastyKakes (those of you from the Philadelphia region will understand), Papa John’s pizza, breakfast pastries and most fast food menus, I find that I am now on my way to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

With the apologies and health disclosure out of the way, I will be resuming the discussion of the ORM vs. CQRS/ES series I had previously started. In the days ahead, I have snippets I will be discussing on SCRUM methodology, leading developer teams, continuous testing practices, and hoepfully a bit of XNA sprinkled in for fun 🙂

I will be scheduling all posts to be published at 8am (US Eastern Time) on business days of the week. You should see my next post on Tuesday, January 3rd.

So… let’s get back to our discussions…