Perhaps I spoke too soon

After I wrote the post yesterday “Is this my last Tech Ed as an attendee”, I had no idea what would happen next.  In the 2 hours that followed, the final round of the “Speaker Idol” competition took place.  As a result of this round, I qualified to be in the competition finals.  So, I think I’m on the right track here:  I might not be at Tech Ed 2013 in New Orleans as an attendee, but rather as a Speaker!

This was an exciting result for me, as it places me in the top 4 speakers in the competition.  Not to be overly critical, but some conference attendees relayed to me that my speaking skills were better than the instructor in some of the sessions that they attended at this conference.

All in all, great news.  I’ve refined my original presentation and will have video and results to post later today.

Wish me luck!