You may have heard of me before…

Okay okay… I’ve made the rounds on the internet over the past few weeks:

I’ve been discussing all kinds of good things surrounding the Windows 8 release and coding applications with WinJS, particularly using my open source tool QUnitMetro.

For the next few weeks, I am completing a pair of Windows 8 applications and preparing a series of presentations that I will be giving at the following events:

Its going to be an absolute thrill to be at these three events where I know I’ll run into some of my favorite voices in the .Net community, and get to discuss all of the new bits from Microsoft…

Additionally, I’ve had several inquiries about unit testing strategies…  After my initial ‘test screencast’ a few weeks ago, I’ve started outlining a series of ‘unit testing recipes’ that I’ll be making available.  Depending on interest, we’ll see where these screencasts land  😉

I hope to see you at one of my events in September.  Thanks for reading!