Time for a change

The story is finally out:  After 7 years, I have been given my release by my former employer.  

I have no regrets about my time with that organization or how it ended.  There are many very talented individuals writing, testing, and analyzing some amazing code there. I had a great time working in their environment, and learned a lot from the size, scale, and agility of the development team’s practices.

I am actively speaking to some organizations about roles on their teams.  It is an exciting time for me, as one of these companies has shown significant interest… and I am positively thrilled to be considered for a position in their awesome organization.

In the short-term, I have a project or two that is occupying my time.  Additionally, I can now resume working on the qUnitMetro project, and I see a handful of feature requests out there begging to be answered.  They shall be handled in the weeks ahead.

I can also begin working on some long overdue blog articles as well as other publications that I am interested in.  There are a handful of screencasts inside me that are begging to be published… and I want to re-engage that process.

You’ll probably see a bit more of me in the next few weeks on Twitter and the blog discussing Asp.Net techniques, technologies, and c-sharp development practices.  I look forward to getting more involved with the community, and seeing where my future leads me.

You can find my details on LinkedIn at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffreytfritz and you can contact me at: jeff@csharpfritz.com

It’s almost time for lunch… let’s eat!