Two Big Updates, 1 Big Blog Post!

It has been a whirlwind week here at Fritz headquarters, and I have not one but TWO announcements for you.

First, it should be no secret to those of you that know me that I really enjoy the medium of radio.  I love working a microphone, and the opportunities I have had to be on various podcasts have been nothing but pure joy for me.  For the past year, I have been assembling a number of training screencasts.  You probably saw one here and a few over on CodeProject.TV 

At long last, I can announce that I have been accepted as a Pluralsight author and will be producing videos covering Microsoft ASP.Net web technology.  The first topic that I am working on is a course on Facebook app development with ASP.Net MVC.  I am very excited about this opportunity, and will be putting in some time to ensure that I deliver a great course for you. 

For the second announcement, I’ll direct your attention to my Events page.  I have started listing events on this site for the last six months, and even added a map with pins to show where I have been speaking and where I will be speaking.  Coordinating lectures is a labor of love, and requires a lots of patience and negotiation skills.  I have been applying to speak at various venues, and found some small successes up to this point.  I can proudly announce that this streak has been broken, and I will be speaking at the AngleBrackets conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in October.  I’m looking forward to this conference and feel privileged to be included with this group.

 Three of my lectures have been chosen to be presented at the conference.  I am really looking forward to this conference and hanging with the great group of speakers that have been selected.

I will have one more announcement later this week before I leave for Tech Ed in New Orleans.  June is shaping up to be a GREAT month for me.