7 Twitter Accounts to Follow for the latest on ASP.NET vNext

I’ve been working a lot on the ASP.NET vNext framework over the last 2 months, and have only started to publish some of my work and my findings.  I’ve given a presentation at Philly Code Camp explaining a bit about how to start working with this new edition of the framework.  Now, I want to start reporting on what’s going on and give you some pointers to follow as the framework develops over the next few months.

In this post, I want to give you a collection of twitter accounts to follow and learn more about ASP.NET directly from the team.  This is my top ten list to follow for announcements and discussion of the product:


The grand-daddy of ASP.NET accounts.  Just about all activity around the framework is reported from this account.  



Scott Guthrie – the guy who created ASP.NET.  He’s also the executive VP at Microsoft who oversees Windows Azure and all server products, including ASP.NET


What can I say about Scott Hanselman that you haven’t heard already?  Scott has several podcasts, a very good blog, and appears in many training videos for the framework.  Why aren’t you following him already?


This is David Fowler… He is one of the lead authors on the vNext framework.  If you are watching the evolution of the code on GitHub, you will become very familiar with his commits and coding style.  David is also one of the original authors of SignalR.



Damian is a project manager at Microsoft on the team, and leads the teams that are building out web forms and SignalR for the vNext framework.  Damian loves Australian cricket, so be ready to learn a thing or two about the sport.  He is also one of the original authors of SignalR.



Mads Kristensen is responsible for VS Web Essentials and the Visual Studio editor support for the ASP.NET framework.  He’s built the browser link feature and is a hardcore student of the W3C standards and browser capabilities.



Daniel Roth is a project manager on the team and responsible for MVC, WebAPI and much of the cloud optimized server-side framework that you have seen referred to as Project K.  



Keep an eye on these accounts, and you’ll be updated as things evolve.  Of course, you should also follow @csharpfritz so that you can get my latest unbiased and hardcode opinion of what’s new and how it impacts your projects.