Next Pluralsight Course: Advanced ASP.NET Web Forms

I was a bit coy about my next Pluralsight course, but now lets get right to it.  I’m going to open the box and show you all of the cool tricks that can make you successful with an Advanced ASP.NET Web Forms course.  

This course is designed to cover:

  • Building re-usable components
    • User Controls
    • Custom Controls
    • Scaffolding
    • Dynamic Data
  • Advanced Data Access Techniques with Model Binding
  • The OWIN-based ASP.NET Identity and Security sub-system
  • Extensibility of ASP.NET with Modules, Handlers, and Dependency Injection for Web Forms
  • Unit Testing your Web Forms

I wanted to cover these topics to deliver the insight and abilities that made me a successful web forms developer.  You shouldn’t be mired in repeating your code and stuck software practices when you can use these features to make your web forms development easier.

Oh, and just to sweeten the pot:  I’m bringing some of the Telerik secret ingredients to the controls modules so that you can learn some of the techniques that help us to create the tools that you know and love.

I’m actively producing this course now, and hope to have it delivered in August.  Are there any problems that you have with ASP.NET web forms that you want to learn how to solve?  Sound off in the comments below