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Save a Technical Speaker – Bring a Presenter Pack!

I’ve been a technical speaker for more than ten years and have had my share of successes, failures, and oh crap moments. Over the past few years, my job has moved me into a position where I help to plan the content for several major technical conferences and I support the folks presenting at my events.  This week, my friend Kendra asked me for advice regarding what to bring to support speakers at the first event she is managing and I thought it would be great to share those tips with everyone so that we all can have successful events. Continue reading

My Amazon Account was Hacked and How I Made it More Secure

My Amazon account was recently hacked, and I was NOT thrilled when I discovered this unfortunate problem.  I’m going to share how I discovered my account was hacked, what I did about it, how it was resolved, and what you can do to secure your personal accounts.  I will write another article about making our systems more secure for our customers.

Continue reading

Fritz’s 10 Minute Tips – ASP.NET Core Configuration

I recorded another short video to show the various ways that you can configure an ASP.NET Core application.

In the video, I show how to configure your application with:

  • Strongly-typed configuration classes
  • appsettings.json
  • environment variables
  • environment variables in web.config
  • user-secrets

Interested in seeing more sample videos like this?  I have more ideas and demos that I show at events that I can convert to YouTube videos if there is interest.