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Windows Phone testing begins

I have been struggling with this decision for months.  Finally today, I’ve taken the plunge, and I have a Windows Phone.  A Verizon HTC Trophy with Mango is now in my possession.

I’m still carrying my iPhone 4S, but the Windows Phone is just so much easier to use and work through social interactions with my family and friends.  But honestly, this is not the real reason I purchased the phone.

I have several applications that I have written and are just about ready to publish in the Window Marketplace.  However, I want to perform some final tests on a real device, before I publish.  Finally, I also have several ideas for an XNA game or two… and would like to test and build those over the next few months.

For Christmas, I have acquired and been reading XNA Game studio books.  I am really enjoying what I am seeing in XNA, and will be sharing some of my trials and findings with XNA over the next few months as I build and release a game or two.

Finally, look forward to the next steps in the CQRS series tomorrow.  This next phase requires a bit more development and fact checking.  I don’t want to present code and strategies that are not accurate.