Building a NuGet Package with NuGet Package Explorer and Refactoring

Updated – changed my stream schedule

Today on the stream, I started with some housekeeping and introduced my schedule.  I will stream live on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings at 10am ET.  On weeks when I am traveling, I will do my best to keep to this schedule and may end up streaming from an event… but I think this is a good schedule to start with.  Today’s stream is syndicated to YouTube in my Fritz and Friends playlist and you can view it below:

Once I started coding, I showed the NuGet Package Explorer by installing it from the Windows Store.  From there, I configured my ConfigurationBuilders project to be bundled as a NuGet package and built the package using the Package Explorer.  The resulting package was uploaded to the repository and is now available for you to use as a preview version.

Next, I did some refactoring of my project names so that I had a samples folder and didn’t have the IntegrationTest project name.  I think ‘samples’ is a friendlier name for folks who are looking to use your project for the first time and want to learn how to use it.

Finally, I did some test refactoring and set up to start integrating YAML as a configuration file source for projects.  I hope you join me on Tuesday the 28th at 10am for my next broadcast!