ASP.NET Core with Docker and a Private Registry on Azure

After some delays so that my family and I could take care of some holiday errands, but we ran the live stream in the evening.  We merged a pull request and updated Epic Build Music, but more importantly, started publishing our ASP.NET Core application to a Docker container.

We started the stream by reviewing the pull requests and issues on my projects.  We merged a localization fix from Bruno to help localize the Options menu on the left side of Visual Studio.  We then re-published the extension to the marketplace and updated the icon with some new artwork from Ian.  Thanks for your help!

Next, I addressed a question from VorTechS about debugging in Visual Studio.  He was running into an issue attaching the debugger to an extension he is building.  At about the 35 minute mark of the stream, I showed how when you start a Visual Studio extension project, the debugger from one Visual Studio automatically attaches to the newly running Visual Studio that is called the “Experimental Instance”.

Next, we resumed work on the Rundown project.  This is an ASP.NET Core project that is intended to run in a Docker container and give video streamers some tools to manage and produce their streams.  I’m thinking more and more that I should rename this project to “Fritz.StreamTools”, and want your feedback.  Should I rename it?

I wrote a simple view for the total follower count across both Mixer and Twitch, and added some formatting so that it looks the same as the current total followers count on my videos.  Next, I bundled the project into a Docker container and created a private docker registry on Azure using the web portal. I then showed how to publish the image to this repository using the Docker command-line tools, and fetched the image to my production machine in hopes of using the new counter.

To my dismay, it appears that I did not create my docker image properly. I will need to revisit how I created the image and try publishing again… on my next stream.  Thanks for watching!