.NET Standard Discussion and Pirates!

We had some fun on today’s stream… we had some pull requests to review and wanted to work on our ASP.NET Core project.  I started off by going back to a hat I haven’t worn in several years, my pirate hat.

We reviewed a pull request from Giancarlo that provided RSS support for ConfigurationBuilders.  He included a nice bit of sample code that looks like its working properly, but didn’t include any unit tests.  I merged the code and issued v0.3 of the ConfigurationBuilders NuGet package for folks to try.

Next, there were a few questions about .NET Standard and how to reference projects and libraries between .NET Core and .NET Framework libraries.  I answered those questions by starting a new solution, adding projects using the different frameworks, and showed how to reference the different projects.  We learned that .NET Standard is a contract, not a framework, and that .NET Core is the reference implementation of that contract.

Finally, we spent some time writing JavaScript to help with the Rundown project.  Hopefully these additions will help me stay on topic in future streams.

Speaking of future streams, I opened another GitHub repository to contain information about the stream. If you have questions you would like me to answer, simply open an issue.  I’ll start logging future schedule and guest information there as well.

We ended the session with a quick test of my interview configuration, and it looks like it went well as my friend Glenn Condron joined for a quick test.  Thanks for your help Glenn, I’m looking forward to having you back in the next few weeks to talk about containers.

Thanks for watching, I’ll be back on Saturday morning to write some more code with you.  See ya then!