Fritz and Friends Software Architecture Virtual Workshop

Fritz and Friends present The Virtual Software Architecture Workshop

Wow… what a weekend. On this past Friday, I ran an eight-hour long virtual workshop on Twitch with 7 guests that covered a bunch of different software architecture projects.  Here’s a YouTube playlist of the entire event, minus the transitions between each guest when I was connecting them to the event:

The guests for the entire day were amazing, brought a ton of information, and from the looks of my GitHub have inspired a number of viewers to create pull-requests and think about the architecture of the CoreWiki project we are working on.  The full line-up for the event, and the list of episodes in the above playlist is:

Episode 1:  Steve Smith – Clean Architecture
Episode 2:  Julie Lerman – Domain Driven Design and Entity Framework
Episode 3:  Jimmy Bogard – CQRS and the MediatR framework
Episode 4:  Mark Miller – User Interface Design
Episode 5:  Miguel Castro – Application Extensibility
Episode 6:  Cecil Phillip – Serverless Concepts and Architecture
Episode 7:  Steve Lasker – How and Why to use Containers

I hope you enjoyed the content from the virtual workshop.  I’m going to talk to some of our presenters about coming back to my Twitch stream to dig a bit further into their topics.  Also, I can announce our NEXT workshop is August 10 with some friends from Xamarin and the Xamarin University team teaching us how to build our first mobile application with C#, .NET, and Xamarin… all FREE technologies.