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Fritz’s 10 Minute Tips – Where did my bundles go in ASP.NET Core?

After the initial response to my previous video, I’ve decided to keep with the idea of the series and recorded a video about ScriptBundles and how to use the Node tools with ASP.NET Core.  This video is very much inspired by my earlier blog post: “Where Did My ASP.NET Bundles Go in ASP.NET 5?

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Fritz’s 10 Minute Tips

I’m thinking of starting a series of videos called ‘Fritz’s 10 Minute Tips’ that cover a small topic in 10 minutes or less.  These videos will typically be a screencast that answers a common question on StackOverflow, the MSDN Web Development blog, or that I receive through a number of other sources.

Today’s video is about how to use Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core.  I previously wrote about this on the MSDN Web Development blog, but wanted to walk through it in video format.  Here is the video of me walking through the basics of configuring and using the dependency injection features of ASP.NET Continue reading

Everything about Docker I learned from Minecraft

A Minecraft ContainerI’ve been experimenting with Docker a LOT recently.  The container mechanisms and structure make a lot of sense to the DevOps side of me, and I wanted to put this knowledge to good use.  My daughter’s cyber-school wanted a Minecraft server and I offered to help.  With a little bit of work and my handy Azure subscription, we got a great Minecraft server running in the cloud that I can redeploy anywhere I need.  Here’s how I set it up. Continue reading

Back to the Future with a Tag Helper

In October, I gave a presentation to the .NET DC User Group on the night before Marty McFly was due to arrive in 2015 according to the movie Back to the Future Part 2.  This was a great opportunity for me to put together a simple demo that I could run with ASP.NET 5 and show something easy to digest.  In this case, I put together an HTML version of the time circuits from Doc’s Delorean time machine.

That’s easy… a set of date displays on a grey background.  I broke out a copy of Visual Studio 2015 and set to work making one row work in CSS and HTML. Continue reading