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Docker-Compose API too old for Windows?

I was working on some code with a Docker Windows container today and ran into this error message:

ERROR: client version 1.22 is too old. Minimum supported API version is 1.24, please upgrade your client to a newer version

What the heck is that?  When I go to the command-line and check the docker version, I get the following output:

My currently installed Docker version

I have the current beta track version of the Docker tools installed in my Windows 10 machine so that I can run a Windows container, so what gives?  Clearly 1.25 is more recent than 1.22

Here’s the catch:  the docker-compose file format has been versioned and we need to increment the version requested in our docker-compose.yml file.  In any docker-compose file that you are using with the 1.24 or later version of the Docker client, you should request version “2.1”

My docker-compose.yml file now looks like:

Big thanks to the folks on this Github issue for a pointer to the fix.

Programming Holiday Lights Big and Small

I’ve been spending some time this holiday season writing and setting programs for light displays.  Like many homes around my neighborhood, we’ve installed lights outside to make the house appear festive.  My daughters and I decided to go a little further and picked up a package at the local Home Depot called AppLights for the house this year.  Little did I know this would be the start of a holiday light programming marathon that also included Jewelbots.  More on that in a bit… Continue reading

When Docker and Win10 don’t mix

A quick note from something that I learned the hard way:  Windows 10 fast ring, specifically builds 14905 and 14915 do not work well with Docker 1.12.0.

In my experience, the Docker for Windows application would start and appear in the Task Manager but would not go to the system tray or appear on the task bar. My work-around to this is to install the latest beta of Docker 1.12.1 from

This is likely a point-in-time break with both the Windows 10 and Docker teams iterating quickly on their products.

Fritz’s 10 Minute Tips – Web Forms + Angular

After the feedback on my demo at DotNetConf 2016 briefly showing how to use Angular with Web Forms, I decided to dive a little deeper into the demo and share a very focused set of source code.  The result was a super-sized 25 minute screencast video that I shared on YouTube:


The source code can be found at:

Check the BeforeVideo1 and AfterVideo1 tags for the before and after source code for this demo.

I’ll be following up with extending this demo a bit further with more tricks over the next few weeks.

DotNetConf 2016 – My talks

This past week I presented two sessions at the dotNetConf 2016 virtual conference from the Channel 9 studios in Redmond.  The content of both sessions are below:

Modernize ASP.NET Web Forms with Visual Studio 2015

.NET Goes Open Source …and you can too!

Many thanks to my teammate Maria Naggaga for helping on the second talk.  She did a lot of the research and put together those awesome slides.