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Workshop with Sara Ford

The Free C# Virtual Workshop – from Basics to Experts

It’s no secret:  I’m really enjoying my Live Coding Stream.  There’s something invigorating about spending time with friends and writing code together.  I’ve had guests on the show to teach about various topics, and show us how to improve our code.  But every now and again, I get the itch to REALLY teach.. and I plan a full-day workshop.

On Friday, May 18th I hosted our second workshop on the stream.  This C# Workshop covered items for beginners, intermediate developers, and even an advanced topic or two.  I originally planned the event for 8 hours with 8 different guest pair-programmers, but we hit a milestone of 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and I had a ninth speaker asking to join the event.  How could I refuse Scott Hanselman asking to join and show how to apply your C# skills to a Raspberry Pi device?

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Starting to Stream

I’ve taken some inspiration from my friend Suze Hinton, with a little encouragement from my other friends Carl and Richard, and started streaming some live coding exercises.  I’m going on Twitch and showing my Visual Studio along with a camera on my face and writing some code.  You can find my stream at go ahead over there and click the follow button so that you can receive notifications of when I’m going online.

My First Twitch Stream

My First Twitch Stream

On today’s stream, I wanted to configure continuous integration for my current open source project, Fritz.ConfigurationBuilders.  I tried setting up Visual Studio Team Services, but ran into an issue where the build agents don’t yet have .NET Framework 4.7.1 installed and ready to go.  Instead, I reverted to using AppVeyor and used their service for open source projects to build my project whenever there is a change in GitHub.

I’m not sure yet how frequently I’ll stream, but I’d like to do it twice a week just before lunch time on the East Coast.  We’ll see how it goes, and I plan to make videos of every broadcast available for download and perhaps even as a podcast.  I’ll measure whether to do that based on interest.

Update: I have started exporting broadcasts to YouTube, and have corrected the link to today’s stream so that it connects to the YouTube video.  Twitch doesn’t keep past broadcasts around for long, and YouTube keeps videos permanently.

How to Avoid Angering Your Readers and Successfully Market Your Brand on the Internet

Everyone has access to social media today, and everyone can write anything they want to literally anyone on social media, and the world can see what you’re talking about.  However, removing and changing this content after it has been published can be a real hassle, and it is already in the hands of other folks from the moment that you share your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn post, or YouTube video.  Typically, this isn’t a problem, but what about those topics that you’re passionate about and are a little controversial?  On a blog, you have a lot more control over what content appears and you can remove it more easily, but if Google,, or another archiving service indexes your blog you won’t be able to remove content from those services cache easily. Continue reading