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Travel Equipment Waiting to be setup

Streaming on the Road – My First Attempt

I’m on the road this week, traveling and helping with a conference in Seattle.  Streaming while on the road, and in a Pacific coast city that’s home to both Microsoft and Amazon… no PROBLEM!  Wrong..  plenty of problems.  Let’s take a look at my on-the-road configuration and some of the challenges that require assistance when attempting to present away from my home. Continue reading

Fritz’s 10 Minute Tips

I’m thinking of starting a series of videos called ‘Fritz’s 10 Minute Tips’ that cover a small topic in 10 minutes or less.  These videos will typically be a screencast that answers a common question on StackOverflow, the MSDN Web Development blog, or that I receive through a number of other sources.

Today’s video is about how to use Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core.  I previously wrote about this on the MSDN Web Development blog, but wanted to walk through it in video format.  Here is the video of me walking through the basics of configuring and using the dependency injection features of ASP.NET Continue reading

This is my first screencast in a planned series of videos that will demonstrate and discuss some unit testing and test driven development practices that I have found to be useful.  In this video, we verify that a RESTful client is communicating with a webserver by redirecting it to a hosted NancyFX server under our control.