A Pre-Release of the EpicBuildMusic extension for Visual Studio

On today’s stream, we fixed the outstanding issues in the EpicBuildMusic extension, and I think we’re ready with a first pre-release!  The full video of the code changes and discussion with the streams are below:

Today we cleaned up the left-over issues from Tuesday, and built with Release configuration so that you can install and try the EpicBuildMusic extension.

At the suggestion from the chat room, I started refactoring the code into a Core project that does not take dependencies on Visual Studio.  By taking this step, I can now write some unit tests around the extension and ensure that it is properly managing the state of the options dialog.  After thinking a bit about it, we agree that there should be some additional refactoring to allow unit tests that ensure the effects to be connected to the build process are triggered properly.

Finally, I started tinkering with the CarnacKeys tool to allow the hotkeys I use to appear on stream.  It appears there is an issue with this running properly on multi-monitor setups like mine when I’m streaming, so I’m looking at submitting a fix for it.

I hope you join me on Saturday morning at 10am ET as I resume working on the EpicBuildMusic extension.  I’ll be on Twitch and Mixer, with a wrap-up posted here afterwards.