Adding an Options Dialog to a Visual Studio Extension

Today on the stream, I started using both Twitch and Mixer to present my live coding adventures.  My team requested I try Mixer, and it was a cool experience.  I’m using to help broadcast to both services and they have a cool integrated chat room that I am now embedding in the video.

The integrated chat feels a little strange, because folks in one chat room can’t see the comments in the other chat room except in the video I am transmitting.  Anyways, here is today’s video, saved on YouTube:

The EpicBuildMusic project picked up with integrating some fixes and suggestions from GitHub.  Many thanks to the viewers and contributors who sent over those recommendations.  We even introduced a default sound to play during the Visual Studio build process, graciously shared by Ian Barker.

The majority of the time in today’s session focused on adding a Windows Forms user-control to capture the user-preferred music filename and save those settings.  We learned that the Tools-Options dialog in Visual Studio is a Windows Forms construct, and we followed a tutorial to add a new panel to help configure our EpicBuildMusic extension.  Finally, We ended the session by completing the initial interface, and logged an issue work on the settings persistence.

You can find today’s code in the dev branch of the repository.

Pull requests and issues are open on the repository, and I welcome your comments and contributions.  With a little luck, we’ll have a first cut at an extension to publish by the end of the week.