Learning how to write Visual Studio Extensions with Epic Build Music

Today on the Twitch stream, I showed the work that I started on my Fritz.EpicBuildMusic extension for Visual Studio.  I’m designing this extension to make your Visual Studio development experience a little more “epic” by playing music during the project build process.

While not many folks showed up for a Saturday morning stream, I did get some great feedback and ideas from the chat room.  I’ve created issues based on their comments.  The work from today’s stream resides in the DEV branch of the GitHub repository.  I welcome your comments and suggestions.

I need to figure out how to better write an extension using test-driven-development practices.  I don’t feel comfortable writing code and having to debug through it every few minutes. It makes my coding experience very broken up into waiting, watching, and inspecting values to understand how my application runs.

In the future, I need to get some default music to ship with it, as well as some artwork to use for icons and logos.

Next time on the stream, on Tuesday… I plan to work a little more on this extension for Visual Studio.  I hope you join me then… Follow me on Twitch and be notified precisely when I start on Tuesday at 10am ET.