Publishing My First Visual Studio Extension, and ASP.NET Core APIs

Today was an interesting day for the live stream…  I had a meeting with my colleague in .NET marketing, and was given the green-light to do more streaming and a few other things that are beneficial for the future of the stream.  Additionally, I ran a Wednesday edition of the stream at 2pm ET today… a shift from my normal time of 10am ET.  Viewership was up significantly at both Twitch and Mixer, leading me to want to run an afternoon stream at least once a week.

I updated the alert box to use the infamous Steve Ballmer ‘Developers developers developers’ clip when new folks follow the stream, as you can see from the screenshot above when Jon Galloway followed. My viewers figured out they could have fun with that effect by inviting their friends to follow as well.

Initial Logo for EpicBuildMusic

Initial Logo for EpicBuildMusic

We started off by merging in an icon suggested for the EpicBuildMusic extension, and then published the first public release of EpicBuildMusic to the Visual Studio Marketplace.  I’m happy that I’ve finally published an extension, and want to do more work to improve it.

Next, we rolled over to the Rundown project and did some work to improve the RundownItemController.  Best practices say that we should return HttpStatusCodes to indicate success or failure.  We updated the methods and wired up the jQuery PUT to appropriately submit that data to the controller.

After that, we tuned the appearance of the Index page using bootstrap.  This is the content that I intend to embed in the stream’s video, so that you can see where we are in my planned contents of the show.

Finally, I opened a GitHub repository at Fritz.LiveStream in order to take questions and post schedule information when not streaming.  It’s not a perfect solution, but its a start.

Thanks for watching… and I’ll pick up again Thursday morning at 10am ET working on the Rundown project and starting to embed content in the stream.  I hope you join me then!