Pull Requests, Updates, and an ASP.NET Core Project

The live stream today had a slightly different start, as I played with the new chroma key setup that I have, and appeared with a beach backdrop.  Following some brief updates about the stream and talking about some new hardware, we reviewed some pull-requests from viewers Ian, Bruno, and Giancarlo.  Thanks guys!

The Fritz.ConfigurationBuilders project is set to receive a patch from Giancarlo that will add RSS as a configuration source.  This will be a great addition, and enable applications to load their configuration from a central configuration server.

Ian and Bruno submitted a much needed user-interface update for the Fritz.EpicBuildMusic Visual Studio extension.  This tidied up the options dialog and enabled localization for the extension.  Bruno submitted our first translation, Portuguese. With these changes, I merged, tagged, and deployed release 0.2.1 of EpicBuildMusic.

Next, I started showing a checklist of content that I am now using for the stream.  I’d really like to embed this checklist in the video so that you can see where I am in the progress of the video.  The initial checklist was configured as an ASP.NET Core razor web page, and stores its list in memory.  Eventually, I would like the project to replace some of the web-based graphics on the stream… because I can’t update those or fix bugs on the service provider.  This initial project was named Fritz.Rundown and was added to my GitHub account for further work in future streams.  I’ll probably do some more work to it off-stream so that I can improve the stream experience as soon as possible.

A big thanks to all of my new followers today and over the weekend.  I’m going to try streaming on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm ET so that some of our Pacific coast friends can join in.  I have a blog post scheduled for tomorrow about my stream setup for those that are interested in learning more about how I’m presenting the stream.

Thanks for watching!