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Live Streaming 101 – My Setup

About three weeks ago, inspired by my friend Suze Hinton, I started to live stream on Twitch.  I just wanted to work on an open source project or two that would help promote features that my teams were building for ASP.NET, particularly ConfigurationBuilders.  That effort has taken off, and I’ve received a number of questions asking, “How are you setup to stream?” or “What do I need in order to get started?”  I’ll run down my configuration here…

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Publishing My First Visual Studio Extension, and ASP.NET Core APIs

Today was an interesting day for the live stream…  I had a meeting with my colleague in .NET marketing, and was given the green-light to do more streaming and a few other things that are beneficial for the future of the stream.  Additionally, I ran a Wednesday edition of the stream at 2pm ET today… a shift from my normal time of 10am ET.  Viewership was up significantly at both Twitch and Mixer, leading me to want to run an afternoon stream at least once a week.

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Pull Requests, Updates, and an ASP.NET Core Project

The live stream today had a slightly different start, as I played with the new chroma key setup that I have, and appeared with a beach backdrop.  Following some brief updates about the stream and talking about some new hardware, we reviewed some pull-requests from viewers Ian, Bruno, and Giancarlo.  Thanks guys!

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